Welcome to VizSight.com.

I’m Chimdi. My role as a Data Visualization Manager enables me to add value as a visualization & design lead. I’m part of the Analytics & Reporting Team, where we develop dashboards and visualizations using Tableau, Google Looker, and Data Studio. We analyze data on web traffic activity, user subscription journeys, and more for diverse group of stakeholders ranging from Analysts to Top-Level Executives.

Outside work, I enjoy documentaries, word games (though I never caught the Wordle bug), trying to create tunes on the keyboard, and other random stuff.

Data Visualization (Data Viz) helps us explore patterns all around us. It connects us with information and insights, leading us to a new understanding of different aspects of our world like business, healthcare, sports, and more. I believe that it’s also art. Therefore our data visualizations should be as beautiful as they are informative.

​Learning, connecting, and sharing are the main themes of this site. You can expect to see content about my Data Viz journey, ideas, processes, and techniques for creating data visualizations using Tableau, and other tools.

Humble Recognition

  • Tableau Featured Author ’21
  • Tableau Public Ambassador ’21 – ’22
  • Best Designer, Data Storyteller, Notable Newbie, and Biggest Growth – 2021 Vizzie Awards
  • Top 10 Iron Viz Finalist ’21
  • 5 x Tableau Viz of the Day #VOTD

Presentations and Guest Blogs